One FC 2: Felipe Enomoto will try to get back to his winning ways against Ole Laursen

Felipe Enomoto (born August 28, 1982) is a Swiss mixed martial artist who lives and trains in Zurich, Switzerland. His father is Japanese -Peruvian and his mother is Swiss; his older brother,Yasubey Enomoto, is also a mixed martial artist.

As a teen, Enomoto was a DJ and fought in several DJ battles at local events. In the age of 18 he went to art school but after a while he decided to stop to start Martial Arts. He trained all over the world to become a complete martial artist.

After opening up the Enomoto Dojo he became Cage Fighters Championship European champion. He has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over nine years and Boxing and Muay Thai for over eight years. In his MMA career he has fought all over the world.

Felipe is set to take on the dangerous striker from the Phililppines, Ole Laursen as the main event of One FC 2: Battle of Heroes on February 11, 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


MMAOrient: You will be making your One FC debut on February 11 against a dangerous Filipino fighter, Ole Laursen. Give us your thoughts on your next opponent.


I think he’s a warrior and a kind of a Muay Thai legend.

MMAOrient: Can you tell us something about your preparations going to this fight against Laursen?


I’m training as hard as I can, like I do always when I have a fight.

MMAOrient: What holes do you see in Laursen’s game?


I think nobody’s perfect.

MMAOrient: Which team are you training with in preparation for your next fight?


I’m training at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket for this one because I booked this trip anyway a half year in advanced before I even knew that I will fight for  One FC so I just had to make a visa to extend my stay in Thailand till my fight in February.

MMAOrient: Do you have any favorite strikes/submission to use when you are fighting?


All strikes that lands on my opponent and every submission that makes them tap.

MMAOrient: What will be the “X” factor for your victory against your Filipino foe?


Proper preparation.

MMAOrient: How does it feels like fighting under the One FC banner?


Special and exciting.

MMAOrient: Who is your biggest inspiration?


My Brother Yasubey.

MMAOrient: Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?


I love striking but this is mma, so I’m always prepared wherever the fight goes.

MMAOrient: What’s your ultimate goal in your fighting career?


To have tons of success.

MMAOrient: If you weren’t a pro fighter, what do you think you’ll be doing for a living?


I don’t know, maybe an 8am to 5pm job?

MMAOrient: We all know that all fighters have a busy schedule but for sure there are things you love outside the gym and cage. What does Felipe Enomoto do in his free time?


I paint a lot since I have studied art for about 4 years thats what I like and also I like eating good food,  hangout with my girlfriend and watching movies.

MMAOrient: Everyone else is on Facebook. Why aren’t you?


Because I’m in the Internet too much already and I think with Facebook it would get even worse. Maybe someday I do it as well because you can keep in touch with people easier and that’s good when you travel a lot like I do.

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you on Feb. 11 against Ole Laursen?



MMAOrient: Any sponsors/people you want to thank?


I like to thank my brother Yasubey my sister Angi my mother, grandmother my girlfriend Jeannine.
All guys who helped me for this fight.
My sponsors Angel fight gear,Vestax,Stokyo,Haleo,Tiger Muay Thai and all of our students at the Enomoto Dojo!

Felipe Enomoto mma fight:

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