One FC 2: Raymond Tiew is ready to represent Malaysia on February 11 against Indonesia’s own Victorio Senduk

Raymond Tiew is a highly confident young man who has been making waves in the expanding Malaysian mixed martial arts scene. He has run up a record of 5-2-0 in 2011 alone including beating three opponents in one night to win a tournament last year.

Tiew has a background in Wushu Sanshou and Taekwondo and has won medals in a number of tournaments. He’s only 22 years old and he trains at Muayfit in Kuala Lumpur which is where Eric Kelly is training at the moment.

Tiew is booked to make his One FC on February 11 against Indonesia’s own Victorio “Indra” Senduk, a silver medalist in the recent South East Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia.

MMAOrient interviews Raymond Tiew:

MMAOrient: How has training been going, who have you been training with?


My training has been very tough and tiring but it has been good training. I have been working with good fighters like Arnaud ‘The Game’ Lepont, Isamu Himura, Eric Kelly, Jorm Kitti and Peter Davis.

MMAOrient: You and Victorio Senduk both have stand up backgrounds, do you see this being a stand up fight or do you think it could go to the ground?


Although both of us are stand up fighters, this is MMA, not kick boxing and it will go to ground eventually if either of us go for take down.

MMAOrient: Victorio Senduk has won a lot of medals for Wushu and kickboxing, are you confident you will be good enough to strike with him?


I know Senduk is a good and experienced striker but my striking has also improved a lot. Yes I am confident to fight with him in striking.

MMAOrient: Are you nervous about fighting an Indonesian in Jakarta and do you think the crowd will be a factor?


No, I’m not nervous about the fight and I”m only focused on the fight and the opponent, not the crowd.

MMAOrient: The fights is going to be shown on ESPN Star, how happy are you that people in Malaysia will get to watch it?


Yes, I am very excited that my fight is going to be shown on ESPN and I am very proud to represent Malaysia to fight for ONE FC. I want to make Malaysia proud.

MMAOrient:  One FC is putting on a card in Kuala Lumpur this year; would you like to fight on that?


Yes, I would like to fight the ONE FC in KL, because KL is my home. I would be proud, excited and happy to fight there.

MMAOrient: Senduk is three inches smaller than you, are you planning on using you superior height and reach and do you think that will be a factor?


It will be a good advantage for me, and I will use whatever advantage I can to win the fight.

MMAOrient: Your team mate Pete Davis is also fighting. Have you two been working together and how much does it help to have people fighting on the same night as you to prepare with?


Peter Davis and I have been training hard at the same gym, Muayfit. We are often sparring and grappling and sharing skills and experience with each other to make ourselves improve and get ready for our Jakarta fight. It is a pleasure and honour to attend the fight with him as a teammate and training with him gives me a lot of confidence.

MMAOrient: You have also been working with Eric Kelly who is one of the top featherweights in the region. Have you learned much from him?


Eric Kelly is one of the top fighter and trainer I ever trained with. He is a humble and good teacher as well. I have learned so much from him, especially his ground grappling skills. I am really happy to train and learn from him.

MMAOrient: Do you have any predictions for your fight?

RaymondI think my fight will be standing up and a lot of striking. I might get the K.O in the end.

MMAOrient: How would you describe your style of fighting and what should people expect from you?


My style of fighting is speed and counter attack. I want to let the audience know that there is a new kid in town and he means business.

Raymond Tiew’s MMA fight:

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