Legend FC 7: Koji Ando will try to put on an exciting match for the fans

Tokyo native Ando has his martial arts origins in Judo, finishing in the top 8 in the All-Japan Judo Tournament as a high school student. His Judo roots led him first to Brazilian Jiujitsu, and from there to MMA. Ando now trains out of Wajutsu Keishukai, one of Japan’s best MMA gyms. Always seeking to perform to the best of his ability and proudly represent his team, he says that his goal is to show “the power and grit of Japanese MMA” in all of his fights. A Sengoku veteran, Ando now calls the Legend Ring his home and is seeking to prove himself on this stage. Considered to be one of Japan’s top young lightweight prospects, fight fans should keep a close eye on Ando as he makes his mark.

Koji Ando was scheduled to fight South Korea’s Song Un Sik on February 11 but unfortunately, the Korean fighter suffered an injury during his preparation for Ando.

Australia’s Damien Brown has stepped into Song Un Sik’s place, taking on one of the most dangerous lightweights on Legend’s roster in his Legend debut. But Brown is a near-perfect match-up for Ando: a tough all-rounder who is just as dangerous on the ground as on his feet, with a never-say-die attitude. And with both men looking to establish themselves in Legend’s ultra-competitive lightweight division, fans should expect non-stop action from bell to bell.

MMAOrient: This is your second match with legend FC, against Damien Brown. What do you know about your opponent?


He’s a very aggressive and tough overall fighter. I think we’ll have a great match on our hands.

MMAOrient: Your last bout was labeled by some as controversial, with some people thinking you won. Does this give you more motivation for this match?


Fans that watched the match live and those who watched the video afterwards all told me that I won. Even Pat Healy, my opponent’s cornerman, said that it was a bad call in the end. People who have watched and God know what happened during that match. Regardless, I certainly can’t linger in the past. I’ve moved on and now look forward to what’s ahead of me. Since the last match I’ve become stronger and still strive to become Legend champion! 

MMAOrient: Can you tell us something about your preparations going into this fight?


As always, I’m training hard in preparation. I’ve got a physical regimen going, practicing at the Wajutsu Keishukai gyms, Cave gym, and at a kickboxing gym.

MMAOrient: What sort of match do you think it will turn out to be?


It’s hard to say. But I am ready regardless of where the fight goes, whether it be striking, wrestling, or jiu jitsu. 

MMAOrient: Is there something you would like to tell the fans? Is there anyone you would like to thank?


I’m very pleased to be competing in the Legend ring again. I will try my best to put on an exciting match for you the fans!

Koji Ando training pictures:

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