Ed Soares disappointed with Jose Aldo’s decision

According to tatame.com, the career of the UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, is again in the hands of Andre Pederneiras, and not with Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares also as his managers. “I’m his only manager now. We’ve sat down, talked and found it was the best way to go. Since things are happening in Brazil now, we thought it was the best call”, reveals Andre to TATAME.

It comes six months after Junior dos Santos announced he also left Guimarães and Soares’ management.

MMAOrient had an opportunity to talk to Ed Soares with regards to Aldo’s decision.

MMAOrient: Is it true that Jose parted ways with you?


Yes it’s true.

MMAOrient: Some Aldo fans are saying that you and Aldo is stronger together and his career is more secure under your management rather than Pedeneiras. Give us your thoughts on that matter.


It happens. He has to do what he thinks is best for him. Jose and I will be fine without each other but I do agree we would be stronger together.

MMAOrient: Did Jose approach you personally with regards to the issue?


No, he didn’t.

MMAOrient: So,did he sent some representative to talk to you about it or he just called you through the phone?


Worse, his trainer sent an email but it’s okay, I really wish him the best.

MMAOrient: Wow, quite appalling.


I agree.

MMAOrient:  I know it’s quite hard to accept that he chose other path towards his blooming career, but do you have any hard feelings for Jose, are you mad at him?


No, not mad. Disappointed.

MMAOrient: Before this parting of ways happened, did Jose beforehand showed some signs or gestures that he isn’t interested under your management anymore?



MMAOrient: So what’s next your next move, how will you respond to this, are you going to take some legal actions to Jose?


Not at all.

In 2011, after securing a shot at the UFC  heavyweight championship, Junior dos Santos decided to part ways with manager Ed Soares. Now, after defending his UFC featherweight title successfully yet again, Jose Aldo  has done the same.

Soares still represents countless Brazilian mixed martial artists, including UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, both Nogueira brothers and several others. While there are plenty of studs still left in his stable, Soares will likely never forget about the ones that got away and the timing in which they left.

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