Legend FC 7: Fil-Am Fighter Mark “Mugen” Striegl gears up for Macau

Mark “Mugen” Martinez Striegl (6-0) is a half Filipino-half American professional mixed martial artist born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

Mark’s father is originally from New York and his mother is from Calapan City in the Philippines.

His older brother Frank played a considerable role in sparking his interest in combat sports. Frank wrestled throughout high school and in college, dabbled in Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu, mixing the disciplines and working on techniques with Mark. Mark in turn decided to wrestle in high school, finishing with a career record of 77-1 and his sights set on MMA.
Growing up in Tokyo during of the glory days of Pride Fighting Championship and K-1, Mark became a huge fan of fight sport. On a whim after graduating high school he joined a nearby dojo, “Wajutsu Keisyukai Gods,” which he currently still calls home. Mark’s motivation in taking the leap was to “see how tough he was,” ultimately testing the waters and seeing if he could hang with some of Japan’s best. After his first practice, he was immediately hooked and from there entered Tokyo amateur competitions regularly.

Mark attended college in San Diego and continued his training at Victory MMA. Travelling between Tokyo and San Diego, Mark trained regularly at both gyms, Victory and WK Gods.

Mark turned pro in San Diego in 2009, winning his debut match. He has since gone 6-0, having competed and eaten at several buffets in Taipei, Baguio, Saipan, and Macau. According to Mark, one of his most memorable fights was with the URCC in Baguio City, Philippines in February 2011. While he had spent many summers in Mindoro and Manila, it was Mark’s first time in Baguio.

MMAOrient: You are fighting on February 11 in Legend FC 7. Give us your thoughts on your next opponent, Choi Yeong Gwang.


Choi’s a good fighter who recently beat one of my training partners, Takuma Wakabayashi, so this match is a little personal.

MMAOrient: Tell us something about your preparations going to this fight against Choi.


I’ve been training hard in the mountains of Baguio (Rocky IV style haha). I’ll be ready.

MMAOrient: How about your knee injury, is it fully healed now?


Yes, it’s fully healed.

MMAOrient: You are training in Baguio City, Philippines together with Will ” The Kill” Chope for the past few months. Do tell us something about your training up there and how did the Baguio training helped you in your last fights.


Well, Baguio is about a 5 hour drive from Manila, up in the mountains of Northern Luzon. Its higher elevation makes it difficult to breathe and this is the reason why Manny Pacquiao trains here and why the top Filipino MMA teams are based here. Baguio has taken my game to a whole new level.

MMAOrient: What holes do you see in Choi’s game?


I don’t see too many holes to be honest. He’s a solid fighter.   

MMAOrient: What will be the key factor for your victory against Choi?


That’s a good question! (laughs)

MMAOrient: Let’s talk about Yusuke Kawanago. We talked to him after his UD win over Chengjie Wu in Legend FC 6. We asked him on who is next for him and who he wants to fight next. Without any hesitations, he abruptly answered “Mark Striegl”. I’m pretty sure that you are tired of this question, but many fight fans are still asking for it, if LFC will offer you a rematch against Kawanago, will you accept it?


When we last fought I beat him with one leg. I will gladly accept that fight.

MMAOrient: You fought and won 4 times last year, it was indeed a busy year for you. Are you going to be more busier this year?


You can definitely expect a busier year. It’s the year of the dragon. My Year!

MMAOrient: Lastly, any words for your fans?


Thank you for the continued support and see you all in Macau!! #TeamBuffet

Mark “Mugen” Striegl’s previous mma fights:


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2 thoughts on “Legend FC 7: Fil-Am Fighter Mark “Mugen” Striegl gears up for Macau

  1. “When we last fought I beat him with one leg. I will gladly accept that fight.”

    Classic Mark, I believe in you and your destructive powers. We will send positive energy from San Diego so that domination is guaranteed!

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