Legend FC 7: Matt “Rolling Bear” Cain is ready to show fans his true potential against Liu Wenbo on February 11

Matt Cain (9-6-2) was born in Otahuhu in South Auckland NZ and lived there with his mum and grand parents until he was 5.  Matt’s family then moved to Dunedin which is in the southern area of the south island of NZ where he lived until he was 10 before moving to Melbourne, Australia. Finally he moved to sunny Queensland in 1992.

Matt always excelled in sports making representative sides in basketball, cricket, football and softball. He never really had a great interest in doing martial arts, although he definitely respected each and every martial art, even more so now.  The extent of  his martial arts as a young fella was watching Bruce Lee movies, but as for actually getting his hands dirty eh…not so much. A mate got him into watching these UFC videos for a while and they thought they were great, they had no idea about this bjj stuff but were amazed that a guy so much smaller than everyone else could beat them with such ease! This was about 2001, so with a passion to become one of these grappling wizards he hunted down a bjj school in Norman Park; it wasn’t Gracie Jiu Jitsu but they were willing to give it a try.

Once Matt had started to prove himself in the gym, and being one of 5 Matt’s in the class, it was decided that he needed a nickname.  This is the start of the “Rolling Bear” name which now follows Matt into the cage for his fights.  One night after training, Matt and a couple of the boys sat out the front of the gym and went through some possibilities.  After about an hour of deliberating one of the boys said, “So what’s your ancestry?” Matt told them that as far back as his family has been able to trace his ancestory they are descendants of the American Indians, so using “Running Bear” as a base and combining that with the grappling the choice became obvious  and “Rolling Bear” was born.

After a couple years of training he decided that his next goal had to be an MMA fight.  Matt stepped into the ring and the result wasn’t the best (a draw), so being the guy he is he couldn’t leave it at that – He needed a win!  Since then hes fought Australias very best welterweights, mostly wins and a few losses, some great wins and some losses he says he’d rather forget.

Early in 2007 Matt decided to make the switch and train under Dan Higgins at Integrated MMA, he says that this was the best choice he could have made and only regrets not doing it sooner.  Since the move he’s reached an all new level of fighting.  Whilst not the most naturally gifted fighter he works hard at it and training at the Integrated gym under Dan Higgins coaching keeps him keen wanting to keep coming back and improving.

Matt’s best win was in August of 2007 when he beat a very skilled and respected fighter from Perth named Jon Valuri for the WR Australian Welterweight Title. Matt puts that win down to the training he receives and the support he get from the whole Integrated MMA team.

Matt Cain is set to make his second Legend FC appearance on February 11 at City of Dreams, Macau against Liu Wenbo, a striker from China who loves to throw bombs out of his hands.

MMAOrient: You are fighting on Feb. 11 in Legend FC 7 against a top Chinese fighter, Liu Wenbo. Give us your thoughts on your next opponent.


Liu looks like a tough well round fighter who doesn’t take a backward step and is from a very good team so I know he will be well prepared. 

MMAOrient: Can you tell us something about your preparations going to this fight against Wenbo?


My preparations for all of my fights are very similar there is not a lot of difference from fighter to fighter. I work heavily on my conditioning so that if it goes the distance I am well and truly ready for a long fight.

MMAOrient: What holes do you see in Wenbo’s game?


I haven’t seen a lot of footage on my opponent as yet and it is difficult to gauge weaknesses. I understand that this is his first fight in the middle weight division so the cut to a lower division my take some toll on him.

MMAOrient: You are training at Integrated MMA in Australia with some of the best fighters in the business. What is it like for you to be a part of a fight team that includes UFC Middleweight contender Kyle Noke, Former Legend FC Lightweight champion, Adrian Pang, and “Iron” Mick Mortimer?


Our fight team is like a family it extends outside of just fighting. The training is intense and I know that with my coaches and team mates support I will be fully prepared for what ever Liu throws at me.

MMAOrient: Could you tell us more about Integrated MMA’s fighters program and how it has elevated your overall game?


At Integrated we train 6 days a week in an attempt to continually improve ourselves. With the more experienced guys and fighters always willing to help out the beginners. With evryone always trying to iprove each others game we are all always improving.

MMAOrient: How has being with Integrated MMA changed you as a person and as a fighter?


Our coach has always instilled in us that martials arts is a way of life and that if you treat it like that you will always hold yourself in high esteem.

MMAOrient: What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?


I have had this thing for leg submissions over the past couple of years, they seem to work for me.

MMAOrient: Who is your biggest inspiration?

MattMy grandad who recently died was always my inspiration, I will be using my memories of him in this coming fight. From a fighters’ perspective my coach Dan Higgins and teammate Adrian Pang are my biggest inspirations.

MMAOrient: Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?


It’s always a safer bet to get your opponent to the ground, you have lesser chance of them landing that knock out punch.

MMAOrient:  What’s your ultimate goal in your fighting career?


Surely to keep improving and keep fighting on top shows like legend FC.

MMAOrient: If you weren’t a pro fighter, what do you think you’ll be doing for a living?


Fighting isn’t my single source of income. I have trade qualifications in carpentry and have my builders license.

MMAOrient: We all know that all fighters have a busy schedule but for sure there are things you love outside the gym and cage. What does Matt Cain do in his free time?


I love spending time with my family, we don’t get to see each other a lot especially when I’m in training for up coming fights. I love going to the beach and just hanging out with them.

MMAOrient: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?


I have always wanted a rematch against one of my loses Yoshiyuki Yoshida. He went on to bigger and better things and my fight against him was taken on two weeks notice. Of course I would love to fight against one of the top guys just to test myself, why not GSP!

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you on Feb. 11 against Liu Wenbo?


A different Matt Cain, obviously a bigger one being my first fight up at middle weight. I had a poor performance in my last fight at Legends where I broke my hand against the now champion Bae, so I just want to show the fans my true potential.

MMAOrient: Any sponsors/people you want to thank?


Always need to thanks Fairtex, Tap Out, ASN, Integrated MMA, MMA sportsmag and All type cabinets.

Matt Cain video highlight:


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3 thoughts on “Legend FC 7: Matt “Rolling Bear” Cain is ready to show fans his true potential against Liu Wenbo on February 11

  1. Go hard Matty. Hope Macau supporters get behind our fighters. In Hong Kong we get alot of support but it didnt seem so in Macau last event.

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