Eduard Folayang vs. Wadson Teixeira to headline URCC Cebu 7 “Dominate”

Folayang vs. Teixeira

It’s a battle between two of the best strikers in the business as Filipino MMA superstar Eduard Folayang takes on a dangerous Brazilian striker in Wadson Tiexiera in a superfight for the URCC Cebu 7 main event on January 13, 2012.

Teixeira won the Brazilian 65 kgs Muay Thai title in 2001, 2003 and 2007 and in 2005 he defeated four separate opponents in one night to win the Gladiator Muay Thai tournament in Sao Paulo. He has put his Muay Thai career on the backburner in recent years to focus on MMA and trains at the Nova União under Andre Pederneiras and alongside Jose AldoDiego Nunes, Ronny Torres and Johnny Eduardo.

Teixeira believes that he can upset Folayang in his home coming fight  in Cebu:

I was very happy with the opportunity Eduard is a great fighter but I am confident I can beat him. I’m very well trained and confident in my work, I train hard every day and that makes me comfortable in any fight.”

Teixeira has been working on his ground game every day at Nova Uniao and now has a brown belt in BJJ, making him the most dangerous grappler Folayang has ever faced. The Brazilian fighter is training at Legacy Gym in Thailand together with Filipino-Danish mma fighter Ole Laursen.

For Eduard Folayang, Teixeira’s just another opponent he needs to depose to verify his domination in URCC.

Fresh from his gold medal triumph in the recent SEA Games in Indonesia on November, Folayang is already back in the gym training hard for his home coming fight against Wadson Teixeira of Brazil.

Teixeira is indeed, a first class striker but Folayang has fought and defeated some of the best strikers in Asia in the likes of Vuyisile Colossa, the current South African Thai-boxing Middle-weight Champion and  South African Professional Kick Boxing Council (P.K.C) Middle-weight Champion and Sanda Champion Bao She Ri Gu Leng of Mongolia but one thing’s for sure, Teixeira will not be walk in the park for Eduard Folayang.

Eduard tells mmaorient what are his advantages going to this fight:

My advantage for this fight will be my faith in God and my MMA experiance.” –Folayang

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