Legend FC’s Hardeep Singh: “Im going to bring back the old me and tear it up”

A native of India who grew up in Canada, Singh’s troubled childhood meant that he spent many of his early years going from school to school and sometimes from foster home to foster home, frequently getting into fights along the way.

In the summer of 2004, a friend invited him to train at a nearby MMA gym in an effort to help him focus his fighting spirit into a competitive sport. That day, Singh’s whole world-view changed when it quickly became clear that his uncontrolled brawling was no match for the disciplined, highly-trained MMA fighters who dominated him on the mats. Since then, he has combined his new found self-respect, work ethic, athleticism, and competitiveness into a series of outstanding performances inside the ring.


” I was a bit of what you would call a (expletive) disturber! Always fighting in the bars and clubs, and one day it kind of came back to bite me in the rear.”

A friend of mine one day called me and asked me to try out this mma school , I went and couldn’t stop going and the rest is history.

Hardeep got bombs on his hands winning five fights via TKO, but when asked if he has any favorite submission/strikes to use in any fight:

It’s always good to end the fight with a ko or a submission. I don’t really have any favorites. Every time I learn something cool , I try to use it in training but in a fight it all changes.”

Hardeep doesn’t really have any biggest inspirations. He’s just living his life day by day and trying to be a better person than he was. He also believes that everything that happens inside the ring is all instinct.

“The fight always starts standing but the thing is , styles make fights and everything that happens in the ring is all instinct, I never had a game plan.”

Hardeep Singh made his first international fight in Hong Kong at Legend FC 3 last September 24th, 2009 against a top Indonesian fighter, Yohan Mulia Legowo but unfortunately the Indonesian spoiled Hardeep’s Legend FC debut via rear naked choke in the first round.

Hardeep tells MMAOrient the reason behind his defeat on his Legend FC debut:

“That was my first fight overseas and I didnt know what I was doing .

I didnt ask for advice or the proper techniques involved in adjusting to the climate , food , and a host of many other things. Basically everthing and anything that could have gone wrong.

It was a very good lesson for me and the next time I come over there things will be much different. Bigger , Faster, Stronger, Im going to bring back the old me and tear it up.” 

The fight against Legowo was his last mma fight since September of 2010. After that defeat, Hardeep took some time off fighting and he told MMAOrient the reason why he was out for one year.

“I was eager for a rematch and during my training I ended up damaging my spine and had to take 8 months off and now iv’e been training for 3 months once a week and getting my body stronger. Ill be more than ready for my next battle.”

When asked on who’s his dream fight:

“At this point the only fight I want is a rematch.”

Hardeep Singh obviously known as a finisher inside the ring, he wants to entertain people. He just wants his fights to end in an exciting fashion with crowd getting their money’s worth.

Hardeep Sing wants to thank the following persons:

Special thanks to my Mom and Sis always. Universal mma, dynamic mma, FKB, extreme fight shop, ron zalko fitness, and whoever else I have may forgotten.

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