Genki Desu Ka!!! The power of a video

Watching these videos give you a sense of where things stand in Japan within the realms of kakutougi. While 2011 was the most difficult year in existence for combat sports in Japan, the will and drive of those in power in Japan has allowed them to push forward.

No one claimed these guys should win the award for management of the year. But for the guys at Real Entertainment to make this much happen in 2011, with the odds stacked so firmly against them, a tip of the hat is more than justified. By little fault of their own, they lack a TV deal and they lack a large sponsor. But someway, somehow, these guys keep it going and have kept the fans very happy.

So as you watch these videos, keep in mind what we have been up against. Don’t complain there are puroresu matches, seeing as the GP of the event is making this thing roll. Genki Desu Ka!! – we await you.

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