Dare 1/12: Major Overall is looking to get the “fight of the night” bonus

Majee Overall is a Japanese-American fighter with 2-1 MMA record and both of his wins coming by way of submission. A grappling expert with a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Majee recently moved to Thailand and will be representing Phuket Top Team, where AJ has also trained in the past. He has a strong ground game with years of BJJ training and will have been working hard on his Muay Thai skills now at Phuket Top Team.

Majee is scheduled to fight in DARE against AJ Pyro on January 7th, 2012.



MMAOrient: First of all, tell us your thoughts on your next opponent, A.J “Pyro”


I’ve personally never met AJ, but we actually have quite a few mutual friends. People that know both of us say that we are very similar looking and acting. In terms of fighting I think AJ is a skillful fighter not to be taken lightly. I think we’ll be a great match up with fight of the night potential. 

MMAOrient: What holes do you see on Pyro’s game?


I have only seen old muay thai videos of AJ. His muay thai looked good, actually. I don’t know anything about the other aspects of his fighting ability except that he’s medaled in various submission grappling tournaments and he is training with one of the best American wrestlers currently in Asia during his camp at Juggernaut. I try not to make any assumptions about my opponents. I only assume he will be well prepared anywhere the fight goes, my job is to be more prepared. 

MMAOroient: Can you tell us the history behind your nick name “Major” ?


It’s a funny story about the “Major/Majee” mix up I’ve seen on various websites. My real name is actually Major, it’s the name I was born with and the name on my passport. However when I tried to enter it into facebook the automated system rejected it (probably because it was too obscure) so I went with the old nickname “Majee” given to me by my friend War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver). No real story or reason he gave me that name other than it’s probably easier for a cavemen like him to pronounce. (laughs)

MMAOrient: What will be the key factor for your victory against “Pyro” Vaa?


The key factor to victory against my opponent will be my ability to capitalize on his mistakes. Aj is bigger, stronger and probably a better athlete, but I feel I am more technically skilled and have had better training. Isn’t the ultimate test of a martial artist to see whether or not his technique can subdue a bigger, stronger, more athletic opponent? 

MMAOrient: What is your Martial Arts background?


My martial arts training started at age 4 with my father teaching me traditional Japanese martial arts. I had to take a break from my training after I started school because I broke a kid’s arm using a kotegashi (wrist lock) at recess. He never cut in front of my on the monkey bars after that, lol. Later I started wrestling in junior high and high school and joined the university boxing club in college.

MMAOrient: Tell us how did you get into the sport of MMA.


After college I decided I wanted to try MMA so I went to Dan Severn’s gym and began learning the basics of MMA as a complete sport. I completely fell in love with submissions so after 2 years I moved to California to train with Baret Yoshida in submission grappling. I stayed there 3 years before moving to Taiwan for a year to learn Sanda (also known as san shou) and to share my knowledge of submission grappling and MMA. Recently, I moved to Thailand to focus on my stand up by learning muay thai directly from its source. To my surprise there were also great coaches, Silviu Vulc and Silvio Braga, in other martial arts like sambo and jiu jitsu, respectively.

MMAOrient: Who is your biggest inspiration?


Baret Yoshida and Enson Inoue are my biggest inspiration. Their training carries over into their personal lives. They seek perfection in all things and use training simply as a means of self mastery. I hope that one day I can embody the same warrior spirit as these modern day samurais.

MMAOrient: Do you have any favorite submissions/strikes to use in any fight?


Favorite submission or strikes? I have a specialty, but that’s a secret that will hopefully be unveiled in my fight. The only way to find out is to watch. ;) 

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you on your next fight?


The fans can expect to see blood, guts, hate and pain! Just kidding! And I doubt any fans seeking that are capable of reading this. (Laughs)

MMAOrient: If you weren’t a pro fighter, what do you think you’ll be doing for a living?


If I weren’t a pro fighter I would probably be a school teacher. I tried that once and loved it, but fighting is time sensitive so I need to pursue this dream while I’m still able to be a force.

MMAOrient: Any people/sponsors you would like to thank?


I’d like to thank my current gym, Phuket Top Team, for taking me in and giving me the opportunity to be a sponsored fighter. I’d also like to thank every coach and mentor that’s helped me along the way Dan Severn, Paul Bowers, Sean Bansfield, Saulo Ribiero, Baret Yoshida, War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver), Tiger Smalls, Silviu Vulc, Silvio Braga and all the Thai trainers whose names I cannot pronounce. I’d also like to thank a long list of training partners that have shared concussions and chokes with me over the years. Finally, I’d like to thank Aj “Pyro” Vaa for accepting the challenge, because a fighter cannot fight without an opponent.

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