Jon Tuck: “I believe I have a great chance on making it inside the TUF house”

One week ago Jon Tuck knocked out Tristan Arenal in the main event of PXC 28 in the Philippines. Last Saturday Tuck flew out to Los Angeles before he heads to Las Vegas to try out for The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show.

Jon Tuck vs. Tristan Arenal PXC 28 fight video:


The tryout, which opens Dec. 5, involves three phases: grappling, striking and an interview. If Tuck, a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, impresses the show’s producers with his mixed martial arts skills, the deciding factor could be his personality.

The Ultimate Fighter is a show on Spike TV about MMA fighters who live in the same house in Vegas. They are divided into two teams and train for fights that eliminate them one by one until only one is left to claim a contract with the UFC.

MMAOrient: What’s on Jon Tuck’s mind for TUF try out?

Jon Tuck: “Im not really nervous. I feel that the opportunity present itself at the right time and I am ready to seize this moment. I believe there will be about 600 guys trying out for the show so it will be fun and interesting”.

MMAOrient: Do you think you can make it inside the TUF house?

Jon Tuck: “I believe I have a great chance on making the show because I have alot to offer especially because of where I am from. They could always use a little flavor to their mix. I’ll just be myself and see what God’s plans are for myself. He knows I am ready for this”.


For more updates on Jon Tuck’s TUF try out, add him on his Facebook account. Click Here



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