Team Buffet’s Mark “Mugen” Striegl and Will “The Kill” Chope gearing up for their up coming fights

Mark Striegl and Will Chope

Striegl and Will Chope had trained together with Eric Kelly in Baguio, Philippines, but they’ve made the trip to Manila, and have recently trained together with the guys from DEFTAC Makati.

Mark “Mugen” Striegl confirmed through his Facebook account that he is fighting Daniel Mashamaite at Pro Fighting MMA 6 on December 18th in Taipei.

“It’s official, I will be fighting WMC and WPKA muay thai world champion Daniel “Black Diamond” Mashamaite at PRO Fighting MMA, Taipei, Dec 18. People say Yusuke Kawanago was the most dangerous striker I’ve faced but I believe that title goes to Mashamaite. Stay tuned for my training video-blog”!

The fight’s set on a catchweight at 140 lbs.

Pro Fighting MMA 6

Pro Fighting MMA 6 will feature eight-Man Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament with two superfights. Hometown heroes Vaughn Anderson & Andy Wang, also set to fight on the card!

After a two consecutive mma wins in just three weeks, Will Chope is already back in the gym preparing for his professional Muay Thai fight in Manila, Philippines on December.

Will "The Kill" Chope

The news was confirmed by Will himself through his Facebook account.

“Fighting Muay Thai December 10th here in Manila, I got a busy December ahead of me leading up to X-Mas, December 10th, 17th K-1 China, 21st Bareknuckle Muay Thai in Thailand, 3 Fights 3 Countries going to be Epic”!

After his Muay Thai fight is done, Will’s next assignment is on January 28th, in New Zealand for an mma organization called MERCILESS.


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