MMAOrient exclusive interview with Road FC’s Shungo Oyama

Shungo Oyama ( born April 11, 1974) is a Japanese mixed martial artist with a background in judo and sambo.

He was born in Nasu District in Tochigi Prefecuture, Japan on April 11, 1974 as Toshiyuki Oyama. He started practicing judo when he was 5 years old.

Shungo Oyama has appeared in the KOTC, ROTR, Pride, K-1 HERO’S, and Dream organizations. And has a record of 9-13-0 as of September 16, 2010. He is most known for being a student of Japanese Judo superstar Hidehiko Yoshida, and briefly trained with 3 time King of Pancrase Bas Rutten. Shungo has also trained at the famed Takada Dojo, run by former Pride General Director Nobuhiko Takada.

Though his record is not impressive, Shungo has gained respect for his die hard spirit, and stubbornness to submit. On more than one occasion he has been injured or choked unconscious due to his refusal to tap out. Shungo was also once thought to be one of Japan’s most feared strikers, and was in the main event at PRIDE 22-Beasts From The East 2 against the late Ryan Gracie, who broke Shungo’s arm during the fight.

Shungo’s biggest victory was over Renzo Gracie of the famed Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. With a combination of his own unorthodox fighting style, and a little Kazushi Sakuraba imitation, Shungo was able to frustrate Gracie and dominate the fight to gain a unanimous decision. In the most controversial moment of the match, Gracie spit in Shungo’s face; irritated by his fight antics.

First title

He participated “Martial Combat 10” as a substitute of Daiju Takase in Singapore for the title of Light heavyweight(-87 kg) on September 16, 2010. He beat Brian Gassaway from USA with Inverted triangle choke and he won the first professional title in his career.

During interview, he answered that he cried because he won his first title in his professional career, but his translator mistranslated that this is the first time for Oyama to cried after winning. For this mistranslation, an interviewer asked why he cried in this time even you had won eight times before, and he could not answer.

Oyama’s Martial Combat fight. (Fight starts at 8:00)

Oyama’s next fight is in Road FC 005, Night of Champions against Denis Kang on December 3rd.

Here’s MMAOrient exclusive interview with Shungo Oyama:

MMAOrient: Tell us about what you feel on fighting Denis Kang on Road FC on December 3rd in South Korea.

Oyama: I am really pleased to fight against Denis Kang on December becase he is a great fighter whom I want to face.

MMAOrient: How’s your training for this fight?

Oyama: Training is really good. Striking, take down, submission, I am ready for every stages, I am ready to face Dennis Kang.

MMAOrient: What will be the key factor for your victory against Kang?

Oyama: I just belive I am the last man standing. I got a heart of a lion, I’m training real hard for this fight and I believe all of this hard work will pay off on December 3rd.

MMAOrient: What holes do you see in Denis Kang’s game?

Oyama: I can’t tell you right now, but I have been studying Kang’s game since the first day of my training.

MMAOrient: You have an impressive win on your last fight at Pancrase against Jeong Gyo Park, you finished him in just 11 seconds of the very first round, tell us your thoughts on that fight?

Oyama: Like what I’ve said, it’s the result of my hard work, I won that fight because I’m very focused going to that fight and I’m sure that I’ll get my 3rd straight win on December 3rd.

MMAOrient: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?

Oyama: Kazushi Sakuraba is my idol. Watching his fight, I started my MMA career, so that’s my dream fight and I hope it will happen.

MMAOrient: What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

Oyama: In the training, I often use backhand blows and front chokes.

MMAOrient: Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

Oyama: My fighting style has almost reached the level of a complete fighter. So I can go both stand and ground.

MMAOrient: What can we expect from you on December 3rd against Dennis Kang?

Oyama: Expect an all out war between me and Denis, I will not disappoint my fans.

MMAOrient: Any message to Denis Kang?

Oyama: I really respect you, Denis. I am honored to fight such a great fighter like you.

MMAOrient: Any people/sponsors you would like to thank?

OyamaTo all my fans, thank you very much for your support. I am going to show my best at Road FC 5 in Korea.

Road FC 005 teaser:

Visit for more to know more about Oyama and other Road FC fighters.


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