Road FC and its CEO, Moon Hong Jung talks about One FC

Victor and Moon

Moon Hong Jung is an MMA fighter, a multimillionaire businessman and the owner of Korea’s biggest MMA promotion Road FC. He recently returned from Singapore where he was attending the ONE FC summit along with the other most influential MMA promoters in the region.

Moon was at the inaugural ONE FC event in Singapore and saw two fighters from his Team Force team, Soo Chu Kim and Seok Mo Kim, put up spirited performances in dropping close decisions to world class opponents.

He subsequently put pen to paper on a deal which will see Road FC become a part of the ONE FC network which has already grown to become the biggest and most influential cross promotional alliance in the history of the sport.

Moon is currently making the final preparations for Road FC 5 on December 3rd and fight fans will get a first glimpse at the benefits of being part of the ONE FC network because two of the top fighters in South East Asia will be on the card,

Vuyisile Colossa and Brian Choi are both fighting on my show and I think Korean fans will like to see these guys fight. I saw Vuyisile at One FC and he is a very dangerous fighter who always looks for the KO, people in Korea always like these kind of fighters and I have wanted to get Brian on my show for a long time because he is Korean.”

Road FC 5 will be taking place in the 7,000 capacity Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul and will be broadcast live on cable TV. Colossa is taking on the hard hitting You Chul Nam while Choi will be up against outstanding featherweight Bae Young Kwon with veterans Denis Kang and Shungo Oyama going head to head in the main event.

Moon hopes it will be the first of many shows in Korea to feature top foreign fighters from within the ONE FC Nertwork,

I want to give the best fighters in Korea a chance to fight because before there were not many opportunities for them to do that. I also want them to test their skills against the best foreign fighters and my friendship with Victor Cui has helped me to do that because he has access to hundreds of fighters in Asia and Australia,” he said.

Although the talks at the summit are confidential Moon was still willing to discuss some of the conversations which took place and the developments which we are likely to see in the coming months and years,

ONE FC and Road FC are going to put on a show in Seoul in 2012 which will be one of the biggest MMA events Korea has ever seen. Victor is also going to help Road FC to get shown on some TV stations outside of Korea and all the promoters at the meeting in Singapore were very impressed by his plans and the ways in which he is going to be able to help us to become big internationally as well as in our own countries.”

The ONE FC Network is expanding rapidly and its reach now extends all over Asia and all the way into Australia with a number of new partners all set to sign up. Moon knows a thing or two about business because he runs one of the most successful food franchises in all of Korea and he is very excited about the potential of this new partnership,

I have already built one multimillion dollar business and after meeting Victor and all the other people in the network this week I believe my MMA promotion will be just as successful. Being part of the ONE FC Network gives me access to sponsors and broadcasters as well as fighters and it is very good news not just for all the fans who watch Road FC and also the fighters because now everyone will see how good Korean fighters are.”


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