MMAOrient’s exclusive interview with One FC’s Phil Baroni

Philip “New York Bad Ass” Baroni (born April 16, 1976) is an American mixed martial artist. He has a professional MMA record of 14–14–0.

Baroni has fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) where he holds a record of 3–7–0. Also he has fought in the PRIDE FC where he holds a record of 4–2–0.

He has developed a reputation for his boxing ability and knockout power, although he is an accomplished wrestler as well. He formerly trained with Team Hammer House, whose members include two PRIDE fighters and former UFC heavyweight champions, Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

On July 18th it was announced that Baroni would be facing Yoshiyuki Yoshida at ONE Fighting Championship: Champion vs. Champion at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on September 3rd. Baroni lost the fight via unanimous decision.

Here is MMAOrient’s exclusive interview with The NY Bad Ass, Phil Baroni:

MMAOrient: You and Yoshida had a fantastic fight last September 3rd in One FC 1, but unfortunately you came up short in that fight. What went wrong on your game plan against Yoshida that night?


I can’t make excuses. I learned that from my team mate Cain Velasquez, he was injured bad and not training wrestling only boxing right before my One FC fight. so I have no excuse. I lost.
You have to give Yoshida credit for his game plan at first I really went off negatively about how he fought, but he got the W and at the end of the day thats all that matters.

MMAOrient: Are you still going to fight under One FC banner?


I hope to fight again in One FC back in singapore so I can show the fans a proper NY bad ass fight.

MMAOrient: Who would you like to fight next?


It don’t matter to me. I want to climb the ranks in One FC, like always I never pick my opponents, who ever they want to put in there with me is who I’ll fight.

I just want to show a good fight , I’d like to show the fans in Singapore what I can do, someone who beating will show my skills and what I got.

MMAOrient: So it simply means that you’re still a One FC fighter. There are some rumors looming that you’re going to sign in a Canadian based mma organization, is that true?


Yeah it might happen before my next One FC fight or it might not. I’m signed to ONE FC for two more fights. I want to not only win but look impressive and resign for two times the money (laughs).

MMAOrient: After your fight against Yoshida did you immediately got back in the gym to train or you did took some time off to spend time with your family?


I stayed in Singapore and trained two times a day at EVOLVE and lived at the team housing.

I was pretty frustrated about the fight so I got some relief staying in Singapore and hooking up Chatri . He hooked me up big time. I didn’t feel like going to Thailand after the loss.

I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I didn’t want to party, I needed to work my frustrations out then I went back to Vegas and tried to train and help a little bit my good friend Jay Heiron for his title fight with Askren. My shoulder was bad by that point and I went ahead and had surgery.

MMAOrient: So what’s your weight right now?


I’m in active enjoying eating and drinking and smoking. But once I’m cleared to train I’ll be back at it hard. I like to enjoy life a bit some times. I had surgery and it was a success.

As far as my weight goes I couldn’t tell you, who gives a (expletive). I’ll make weight when it’s time, I always do.

MMAOrient:  Do you have any message for your Asian fans most especially in Singapore and in Philippines?


I’ve wanted to visit Philippines for a while, I love Asia. The girls from the Philippines are some of the hottest and that’s always a good.

As for Singapore, I feel I have unfinished business there, I didn’t show the fans what I got and how good I really am. I want them to see why they gave me the name New York bad ass.

Just thinking about that fight and my performance really pisses me off. I have a bad taste in my mouth. I can and will do much better next time.

You know after the fight I was pissed, I blamed my opponent for how he fought me, I blamed the referee for how he let the fight go down.

But I blame myself now I had three rounds to do something about it and I didn’t, so I blame myself only for that loss and really want to go out there and fight my ass off for the fans and for One FC as well. They gave me a huge opportunity to fight in One FCand I want to make it up to Mr. Victor Cui, I want to put on a performance that Mr. Cui will appreciate.

Who do you think is next for The NY Bad Ass?

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