Pete “The Professor” Brooks waited a lot of years to get the belt and was really hungry to get it.

Pete “The Professor” Brooks taught Frank Navarro a lesson in URCC 20 last night .

Pete improved his undefeated record to 5-0  (win-loss) and captured the URCC cruiserweight by defeating Frank Navarro via tapout (punches).


But before capturing the cruiserweight belt, Pete gone through a dramatic incident that makes his capturing of the belt a little sweeter:

A night before Pete’s fight, Will Carlos (URCC match maker) told Pete that his original opponent Mac Sabiano suffered an injury due to motorcycle accident that obviously made Sabiano unable to fight Pete for the cruiserweight title and put Cruiserweight championship on hold and it was a horrible news for the American fighter.

Pete’s reaction when Will Carlos told him that he’s looking for an immediate replacement for the injured Sabiano:

It doesnt matter who I fight, I don’t care, I just want to make sure I fight cause I have a lot of people coming to the fight.


Until the good news came when Will called Pete and told him that he’ll still fight for the cruiserweight belt because someone accepted the late replacement for the injured Sabiano and that person was Frank Navarro.

Pete took Frank seriously and didn’t undervalued the Filipino fighter.

So the fight night has finally arrived, Pete Brooks wasted no time and quickly dismantled Frank Navarro via tapout (strikes) in just one minute and thirty seconds of the very first round (1:13).

Kudos to Frank for accepting the fight against Pete in a very short notice but being brave isn’t enough to beat “The Professor”.

Pete Brooks told MMAOrient  that he waited a lot of years to get the belt and was really hungry to get it.

I’m really happy to finally get this championship. I’ve waited a lot of years for this and was really hungry to get it.

Now, I gotta go and get my back checked out and see if I need surgery and then decide from there. I hope to fight a few more years at least and hope for some big fights in URCC and OneFC, since now they are partners.

I just want to say, “Thank you Jesus!”. Also, thanks to the URCC for giving me the championship fight.

Thanks to my coaches and teammates. Thanks to my opponent Frank Navarro, he is a true warrior for taking the fight on short notice. Much respect to him! And most important, thanks to my son Jake for being such a good student and making me proud and inspired. Thanks to my family and fans for all the support. God Bless!

Click HERE to watch Pete Brooks vs Frank Navarro fight video.

Follow Pete Brooks by adding him on his facebook account. click here


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