URCC XX: Pete “The Professor” Brooks ready to be the URCC cruiserweight Champion

"The Professor"

Three days to go before URCC XX and all fight fans are pumped up for the biggest MMA promotion in the Philippines happening on November 5th, 2011 at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

It is going to be a historic night for Filipino MMA because of its match ups, six title fights in one night is totally a classic treat for Filipino fight fans.

One of those six title fights is a Cruiserweight Championship match between Pete “The Professor” Brooks versus Mac Sabiano.

The 6″6 American promises a quick knockout over his 5″10 Filipino opponent. When asked if he’ll finish his opponent quick:

Definitely first round. Since they are ten minutes long (hahaha). But since I moved here I have a strength and conditioning coach, so I can fight all night if I need too.

Pete Brooks also told MMAOrient that he had no issues cutting weight going to this fight.

 I went vegetarian and fish only back in January and i lost a lot of weight then, so I’ve been hovering around 203 for about a month now.

Pete is heavily favored by the fans to win over his Filipino foe because of his undefeated record and a massive reach and height advantage and also the fact that this will be Sabiano’s first professional MMA fight is a big component for Pete’s victory.

Pete’s message for his opponent and fans:

I trained my ass off for this fight and I can only see myself leaving the ring carrying that Cruiserweight championship belt. I have never been so excited for a fight in my life and I’m ready to put on a great show.

Also, to my fans, be sure to get there early because for some reason I am the 2nd fight on the card. I think the URCC doesn’t like me much or something(laughing).

For more updates on URCC XX, visit their official website.


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