Will “The Kill” Chope vs Jerson Estoro all set for URCC 20

Will "The Kill" Chope

Name: Will Chope

Moniker: The Kill

Pro MMA Record: 2-3-1 No Contest

Muay Thai/Kickboxing Record: 12-5

Gym: Phuket Top Team

Height: 6’4” 194cm weight 145lbs 66kilograms

Birthday: september 8th 1990

                                                                                                     City: Phuket, Thailand

Will Chope is set to make his URCC debut on November 5th against a dangerous Muay Thai Champion, Jerson Estoro. “The Kill” Cope is fighting at 139 lbs and it will be a superfight for a superfight title. (Will confirmed the fight on his Facebook account)

He promised to show Jerson Estoro what real Muay Thai is and will display all the weapons Phuket Top Team has given to him.


Will Chope was always a MMA fan since he was 6 years old back when UFC was underground, him and his step dad would be watching the old UFC’s, His step dad grew up and went to High School with Kenny Shamrock so that is how they always knew about MMA. But Will took a real interest in High School before the ultimate fighter he would share the old VHS tapes with friend then they would try the moves they learned in the backyard.

Will didn’t get his first taste of real training until after he graduated High School when he was 17 and joined the US Air Force and then was station in the Island Territory of Guam. While on Guam when he had free time from the military he would train with the locals and on occasion visited Spike 22.

Will’s Air Force career was short lived and he go out of the Air Force at 19 upon leaving the Air Force he moved straight to Thailand to try and become a fighter. He went to a few gyms during that time in Bangkok and Phuket and even went to Taiwan for a short time, until his friend Boyd Clarke opened up Phuket Top Team, since Phuket Top Team has been open that is where his home has been, In Thailand fighting MMA, Muay Thai, and K-1 as often as possible. In just over a year since Will went pro he has amassed a record of 12-5 in Muay Thai/K1 Kickboxing and a record of 2-3-1No Contest in MMA.

Will is now in Baguio training for his next fight on November 5th in URCC 20 against top ranked Filipino MMA Fight Jerson Estoro, he is training with fellow friend and MMA fighter Mark Striegl at Engage MMA and Team Lakay. He is working hard to improve his ground so he can become a well-rounded more complete MMA fighter.


Will “The Kill” Chope Interview on MMAOrient

MMAOrient: Tell us your thoughts on your up coming fight against Jerson Estoro on November 5th.

Will Chope:

“I am extremely excited to fight Estoro in Manila, it is his hometown and I love being the underdog. Going to be great for us, two strikers going at each other for a super-fight title. All I can say is fans better not blink”.

MMAOrient: How’s your training for your next fight?

Will Chope:

“Training has been great I literally live at Phuket Top Team in Thailand and my Muay Thai and MMA have improved immensely since I moved there. But currently I am training in Baguio, Philippines for two and a half weeks before the fight. I’m training with Mark Striegl and Engage MMA and Team Lakay. Mark has been giving a much needed tune up on my ground game. So I feel confident wherever this fight goes I will have the advantage”.

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you on your next fight?

Will Chope:

“The fans in Manila can expect fireworks , and a huge Win from the foreigner”. 

MMAOrient: What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fights?

Will Chope:

“Knees and Elbows”.

MMAOrient: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Will Chope:

“My biggest inspiration is my daughter she is almost 3 years old and she inspires me to always do my best. I am fighting for her. She is my everything and she is the reason why I wont fail”.

MMAOrient: Any people you would like to thank?

Will Chope:

“I would like to thank my family for all the support they have given me, as well as my gym Phuket Top Team they have been my family during my time living in Thailand and have been in my corner for many of my fights. Special thanks to Mark Striegl for bringing me to Baguio for some great training and thanks to my sponsor Phuket pro Nutrition for all the extra support they have given me. Thank you to all of you guys.

Will Chope and Mark Striegl training at Lakay Shape Right gym:


For more info. about URCC XX, visit their official website: URCCMMA.COM


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