Sabah Fadai unable to fight on November 5th against Team Lakay’s Honorio Banario

Sabah "The Persian Warrior" Fadai

Acouple of days ago, URCC match maker Willy Carlos informed  Bloodyelbow that Kevin Belingon’s officially out against Jessie Rafols due to shoulder injury.

We spoke with Team Lakay’s Head Coach, Mark Sangiao about Kevin’s Injury.

“Kevin needs a three to four weeks of rest. There was a slight misalignment on Kevin’s left shoulder”

But it seems like the injury epidemic among URCC fighters are not yet over.

Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai (6-2) told MMAOrient that he is unable to fight the URCC Lightweight Champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario on November 5th due to an injury he sustained on his last fight at MFC against Mukai Maromo.

” I was suppose to fight November 5th for the title but I have suffered an injury in my last fight so I’m pulling out. Would have been nice to take banarios belt though”.

Here is MMAOrient’s short interview with Sabah Fadai:

MMAOrient:  Tell us about your martial arts background


“I started training in the art of kickboxing in 2006 and soon got into Muay Thai. I had my first pro fight six months later in 2007 with almost zero jiu jitsu. I Didn’t train hard in jiu jitsu till after my third fight where I lost becauseI had no ground game”

MMAOrient:  Why did you choose mma over other sports?


“MMA is the ultimate of all sports. I use to play basketball soccer and was the captain of my volleyball team. But in any sport where u can’t beat the opposition, you end up fighting. The winner is the man and the loser has nothing else to whine about”.

MMAOrient: Your fight fans saw your last fight at MFC against Mukai Maromo; what went wrong on your game plan against him, did you underestimated him?


” No, I did not underestimate him. He beat me fair and square. No excuses. He was the better man”.

MMAOrient:  Who do you want to fight next?


”  I will fight anyone who is put in front of me by MFC”.

MMAOrient:  When are you coming back to the Philippines?


“I’m just about to get on my flight now as I say this hahaha”!

MMAOrient: Any people you would like to thank?


“Thanks to my family. My coach Kultar gill, training partner Kajan Johnson. Thank you elite organic nutrition and Stacey rea for all the help and support. Thank you echelon fm and the URCC also. Much love and respect to Deftac Cebu as well”.


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