URCC 20: Confident Igor Subora says he is ready to claim the URCC Heavyweight Title

Igor "Sugar Free" Subora

Igor "Sugar Free" Subora, MMA record (3-1-0)

URCC will make history by putting up a 6 Title fights in just one night on November 5, 2011 at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines for URCC XX.

One of the those title fights is a Heavyweight clash between Igor “Sugar Free” Subora and Ryan Paglinawan.

MMAorient interviews Igor Subora regarding his preparations on his title fight against Ryan Paglinawan. He told us that he is focused to get the belt and working hard to be a well rounded  MMA fighter.

MMAOrient: For those people who are gonna watch you for the first time on November 5th, can you tell us about your martial arts background?


My background is boxing and sambo, which I did long time ago and since I came to the Philippines I keep improving my game in every aspect. I like grappling a lot but now I learned how to strike and my hands are quite heavy.

MMAOrient: When did you start fighting MMA and what was the reason why you fell in love with the sport of MMA?


 I became a fan of MMA back in 1998, I was 18. I never miss any event of what we called that time PANKRATION — no rules fighting back in Ukraine. Since then I knew that one day I’ll be competing professionally. I love competitive sport and with the physical needs being so demanding in MMA these days, you go thru very intense training every day but at the same time meet new people and learn something new.

MMAOrient: How is your preparation for your title fight on November 5th against Ryan Anthony Paglinawan?


For this fight I made a hard decision to change my camps so from now on I am with SPRAWL MMA and training is great I am training a lot with Jerry Legaspi who is helping me out on my conditioning and cardio. I learn something new every day and I am like a sponge, I absorb very fast so I guess its making me a very easy to coach. I want to be well rounded where ever fight will take me so I make sure I am ready.

MMAOrient: Give us your thoughts on your opponent on November 5th.


I dont think much about my opponent I just focus on my training nothing else matter at this point. He is just another obstacle on my way for me to reach my target — the belt.

MMAOrient: You have now signed a contract to fight Ryan Paglinawan. Did you have any second thoughts about fighting this opponent?


Absolutely not. I never think twice every time Mr. Willy Carlos inform me who my next opponent is. I would never refuse a fight. And one more thing I want to fight the best fighters be it a local or from abroad.

MMAOrient: How important is this fight for your career?


Well as a fighter its very important for me as I finally reach the opportunity to become a Champion, every fighter is dreaming one day to get on top of your weight class and to be the number 1. This fight is definitely the most important fight that I’ll have.

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you on November 5th ?


For my fans, they can expect an improved fight and excitement. Please come and support all the fighters and MMA sport in the Philippines.

MMAOrient: Are you gonna knock him out?


 I don’t like to make any prediction on my fight. I prefer to keep it professional but one thing for sure is that I’ll be 110% for this fight.

MMAOrient: Any persons/sponsors you would like to thank?


I just want to thank all my fans, my training partners and my family for supporting me. And thank you Zike for putting this interview together.


Date: November 5, 2011

Venue: World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines

Here are the announced title fights:

Rodel Orais vs Jilmar Tangayan
Mac Sabiano vs Pete Brooks (for vacant Cruiserweight Title)
Andrew Benibe vs Sulpiano Laurio
Honorio Banario vs Patrick Manicad (for Banario’s Lightweight Title)
Lando Espinosa vs Adam Cacay
Will Chope vs Jerson Estoro
Dexter Mistades vs Froilan Sarenas (for Sarenas’ Middleweight Title)
Ryan Palinawan vs Igor Subora  (for vacant Heavyweight Title)
Nicholas Mann vs Christian Luna (for vacant Light Heavyweight Title)
Reydon Romero vs Jessie Rafols (for Rafols interim Bantamweight Title)

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