Team Spotlight: Integrated MMA Australia

Top Fighters:

1. Adrian “The Hunter” Pang

(Legend Fighting Championship’s Lightweight Champion)

Adrian will defend his Legend FC Lightweight belt against Jadamba Narantungalag on October 3oth at City of Dreams, Macau.

2. Kyle “KO” Noke (UFC Middleweight Fighter)

3. Michael “Iron” Mortimer (Rize FC 60kg Champion)

4. Matt “Rolling Bear” Cain


The Integrated Mixed Martial Arts Team was formed by Tony Green and Dan Higgins in 2002 with the approval and blessing of Integrated Martial Arts Academy founder Michael Green. 

The team is  trained by Head Coach Dan Higgins with the Support of Team Manager and Strength and Conditioning Trainer Tony Green and team captain and coach Adrian Pang. Dan Higgins is widely regarded as the number one MMA Coach in Australia and is a former student of Greg Jacksons famous MMA team in Albequrqie(sp) New Mexico. Dan and Adrian run there MMA classes from Stafford in Brisbane and train some of Australias best MMA fighters including multiple Title holders Kyle Noke whos currently fighting in the UFC, Adrian Pang Legend FC Champion, Michael Mortimer and Matt Cain.

” We regard our Team and supporters as family and do everything in our power to bring personal growth and success to all involved with us. Our Team prides ourselves in our conduct in and outside of the fighting arena and strive to bring out the best in each other”. – Integrated MMA Team

Integrated MMA offers not only training and grading in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also has its own mixed martial arts grading system. To progress through the ranking system in Integrated MMA, students must show both quality and commitment to training in striking, wrestling and ground based grappling skills.

The ground based  grappling component of our training requires students to be of the equivalent skill level of a Brazilian Jui Jitsu fighter of the same rank. However the wrestling and stand-up skills of the student must be of the same quality before the student is awarded his rank.

As well as the phenomenal MMA  skills of Danny Higgins and Adrian Pang our team utilises the best trainers in their specialised areas such as:

Ian Mellor-Wrestling, Steve Compton and Nugget McNaught -Muay Thai

“We have worked hard to gain a solid sponsorship base including- Fairtex, Tapout, Australian Sports Nutrition, All Type Cabinets and MMA Sports Mag. We are also negotiating with a new brand “FLOW” who will sponsor Adrian Pang on Legend FC”.

Sponsors such as Fairtex give Integrated MMA fighters the opportunity to train in Thailand on a yearly basis at the world renowned Fairtex Muay Thai Camp.

Through Strength and Courage our Team will succeed and grow”.

 For further club information or training details  feel free to view their


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