Pete Brooks Ready to Win URCC Cruiserweight Title

Pete “The Professor” Brooks is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter based in the Philippines. Since his debut in 2009, Brooks has made himself one of top fighters in the Philippines’ premiere MMA Organization, the URCC.

Known for being a disciplined fighter, Pete admits that he was a lot different during his earlier years.

“As a child, I was a bit of a terror. I was always in trouble during my elementary and middle school years. I couldn’t figure out why I was that way back then because I knew I had a butt whipping when I got home for my behavior. Middle school was much the same. I ran away from home a few times and did a lot of things I shouldn’t do.” Brooks said.

Fortunately, during his teenage days things started to change for Pete; and he credits two things for it—God and the sport of Basketball.

“As a teenager, I got much better. Two things saved my life. God and Basketball. God had mercy on me and basketball kept me focused enough to stay in school so I could go on and play in university.”  He said.

It wasn’t long before the 6’6’’ American would start taking his chances with MMA. “Really, I was just a fan of the sport since the beginning. “ Brooks said.

“Plus, I had a couple of fights back in my younger days in Cali and it started to make me think I might have it in me. Then when I moved to Phoenix, I went to watch some Rage in the Cage MMA events and really felt like with a little training, I could beat those guys. So that’s exactly what I did. I joined a local team, trained hard for 4 months, got matched up against a very strong up and coming local fighter for my first fight, and submitted him with a triangle choke…”

Pete’s beginning with the sport somehow parallels the history of the sport itself.  For him, it all began when he started practicing Jiu-Jitsu. “The first martial art I practiced was Jiu-jitsu. I started training with some guys when I was in the police academy and really fell in love with it. I had always wanted to try it since I saw the first UFC fights with the legend Royce Gracie back in the day.”

But Pete Brooks isn’t all about fighting. Believe it or not, Brooks has a Master’s degree in Education and teaches in Brent International School, a well-known school in the Philippines, hence the nickname The Professor.

After garnering a perfect 4-0 record with 3 subs and 1 TKO, Brooks will finally get his chance to win a URCC title. This coming November, Pete will be fighting for the vacant Cruiserweight title in URCC XX, which will be held in Pasay City, Philippines. No opponent has been announced as of this writing. But according to reports, URCC matchmaker, Willy Carlos, has narrowed it down to four possible contenders.

“Man Bro!!! I have been asking to fight for the Championship belt since I got here 3 years ago. I’m so excited about it. I’m so gigil right now I just want to bite somebody!”

With a little over a month left, it’s safe to say that Pete Brooks is ready to win his first URCC title.

“Lemme just finish by saying thanks to my Coach Jun and especially my strength and conditioning coach Mike, You are a freaking genius Mike! Thanks to my main training partner Isaiah Ordiz, who is a young up and coming fighter here in the Philippines. Thanks to the Jiu-jitsu gym that still hasn’t given me (their) name. Also thanks to Jun, Brandy, Joseph, DL and others that are helping me out with inspiration and the little things through this training camp. Thanks to my Brent International School family for all the love and support. Also many thanks to my friends, family, and fans. Thanks to FharJo Tonacao for my T-shirt design…it’s hot Yo! Peace”


7 thoughts on “Pete Brooks Ready to Win URCC Cruiserweight Title

  1. i guess he deserved this shot! but i really wanna see him fight Marcus Valda! i wanna see him beat valda’s ass! war professor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow isaiah ordiz is actually training with pete brooks imagine how tough this guy is sparing against pete who is 6’6 wanna see this kid fight

    • yah saw this kid fought in a local MT event here in phil i can say that this is kid is tough good hand speed and pretty technical and fast for his height, he knocked out his opponent whos a pro in muay thai.. i really i wanna see this kid make to the mma pro ranks… oweeeeeeeey

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