Team Spotlight: Team Lakay

What is Team Lakay? Lakay Tap Team is a Mixed Martial Arts organization founded by accomplished Wushu fighters. Our vision is to develop a pool of talented athletes from the Cordillera Administrative Region and its environs. Team Lakay is the moniker for fighters who consistently represent the organizations in local, national and international fights.

Founder/Head Coach: Mark “The Machine” Sangiao


Mark Sangiao Started fighting at URCC on 2003 as a Bantamweight fighter, he won the belt kept it for 2 years. He lost the belt to He Peng, A Chinese MMA fighter. Mark asks for a rematch against the Chinese fighter because He wanted to get His belt back but it seems like the Chinese fighter is not interested on fighting Him again.

Mark then questions himself if he will still continue fighting. In 2006, He and His Director friend from ABS-CBN decided to generate an MMA team but the problem was they don’t have any idea on where they’ll get the Team’s name. One Day while walking in  a shopping mall in Manila, Mark and His Friend saw some golden ager at the mall, and then they came up with the idea and decided naming their team called “Lakay”. Lakay means “old man” in Ilokano Dialect, they chose that word due to its ethnicity because Mark is from Baguio who Speaks KanKana-ey and Ilokano.

After formulated the Team’s name, Mark without delay, spoke to His Sanshou students, at that time they were Kevin Belingon, Rey Docyogen, June Domar, Edward Kelly and Eduard Folayang. On the same year,(2006) Mark Sangiao registered the Team’s name to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)for legality purposes as “Lakay MMA Tap Team Incorporated”.

The location of the first Lakay MMA  gym was at Maharlika Building in Baguio City after that, they moved to their current gym address, 3rd floor, Harlem Bakery, kayang street, Baguio City. There are seven MMA gyms that are using Team Lakay’s name, two in Mountain Province, Two in Benguet, one in Baguio (The Team Lakay Central Gym) and two at the Province of La Union ( Bauang and San Fernando), but there are many gyms affiliated with the team that doesn’t use the “Team Lakay” name, some of them are University of Baguio and Contender Gym.

After a year,(2007) the Team started collecting URCC belts.

Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen started the URCC domination by capturing the Pinweight Belt followed by Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon who captured the FlyWeight belt then Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang took the Welterweight belt. Their newly Title holder is Honorio “The Rock” Banario who got the belt by defeating Angelito “The Saint” Manguray via rear-naked choke last April 2011.

Top Fighters:

Eduard “Landslide” Folayang

(Current URCC welterweight Champion, Martial Combat Superfight Champion)

Record: 10-1-0

.Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon (Current  URCC Flyweight Champion and Superfight Champion) Record: 9-0-0

.Roy “The Punisher” Docyogen (Current URCC Pinweight Champion) Record: 9-0-0

Honorio “The Rock” Banario (Current URCC Lightweight Champion) Record: 5-0-0

.Mark “El Terrible” Eddiva Record: 1-0

Jasor “Razor” Ablasi Record: 2-0-0

Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio Record: 2-0-0

Crisanto Pitpitunge Record: 1-1

Gina Iniong

  1. Record: 1-1-

11. Denver Labador 

Record: 1-0-0’s brief interview with Mark “The Machine” Sangiao, Head Coach/Founder of Lakay MMA Tap Team Inc. As the Head coach of team lakay, do you have any plans in the future for the team?

Mark Sangiao: Of course, we’re planning to organize future Sanshou/Sanda and Grappler’s cup events in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and Northern Luzon. But our main goal is to reach the MMA main stream. Hopefully two years from now, we can reach the “NBA” of MMA which is the UFC, so that’s the plan regarding fighting. To those people/business firms who has the interest on Sponsoring Team Lakay, are you open regarding the sponsorship thing?

Mark Sangiao: Yes, we’re open to all people or firms who wants to support our team, if they are interested, just visit our website: or they can email me at: As a Head coach of the Team, do you feel any pressure about your boys when they are fighting?

Mark Sangiao: Of course, the pressure is there all the time, but we’re training hard for every fight to make sure we get the win. The most pressuring moment for me is when the event is getting closer but i know our fighters are well prepared for any fights. What are the Basic ingredients in order to win a fight?

Mark Sangiao: The most basic is willingness to win, hard worker,smart and those who accept failure is the one who always  win. Are you officially retired?

Mark Sangiao: Well that question bothers me always because I know that I can still fight, but  my schedule hinders my will to fight due to supervising the training of our fighters. But personally, I really want to get my belt back before I retire. Any people you would like to thank?

Mark sangiao:  I wanna thank those who are continuing their support to our events as well as our fighters, first of all i want to give thanks to 50’s diner, FRB foundation, University of Cordilleras, Sun Star Baguio, Doctor Dave, Lehman Cosalan and to the different Team Lakay Gyms.


6 thoughts on “Team Spotlight: Team Lakay

  1. i agree joseph, nakakalungkot walang support ang govt. sa mga MMA athletes natin na laging nananalo sa ibang bansa… dapat maraming mga sponsors tong team na to kasi lagi silang panalo sa ibang bansa.. di lang sa team na to, pati narin sa ibang filipino mma teams…

  2. nice article. i really wanted to know this team’s history. thanks for posting this infos about this team coming out of the Philippines!

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