Organization Spotlight: Universal Reality Combat Championship

The Universal Reality Combat Championship, or simply the URCC, is the first and most prestigious Mixed Martial Arts event in the Philippines.  It was founded by current Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt, Alvin Aguilar, in 2002.

Aguilar, who is also well versed in multiple disciplines, used to participate in underground fights to test his skills.  Realizing the potential of the sport and the fighters, he wanted to provide a proper venue for fighters to display their talents.

“I wanted people here in the Philippines to have a proper venue to showcase their skills, as before, when there was no place [to showcase their skills]. We fought underground and too much violence occurred.” the URCC founder said in a interview conducted late last year. “I wanted to make it as safe and regulated as possible. I first expected 500 people in our first event, what happened was, 5000 people showed up. It was the start of Philippine MMA.”

The organization conducts their matches in a five-roped square ring (instead of a cage, as used in the UFC).

All matches consists of 2 ten-minute rounds, except for title bouts which have a third 5-minute round in case of a draw after the first two rounds.

The URCC has 10 weight-classes and are divided as follows:

Pinweight (110-119 lbs.), Flyweight (120-129 lbs.), Bantamweight (130-139 lbs.), Featherweight (140-149 lbs.), Lightweight (150-159 lbs.), Welterweight (160-169 lbs.), Middleweight (170-179 lbs.), Light-Heavyweight (180-189 lbs.), Cruiserweight (190-199 lbs.), and Heavyweight (206 lbs.- above).

To date, the URCC has produced more than 30 events across the Philippines and has produced or featured top fighters such as: Recent One FC winners, Eduard Folayang and Eric Kelly, Kevin Belingon, and current UFC fighter, Zhang Tie Quan.

With the organization nearing its 10th year, the URCC still continues to grow, produce top fighters, and raise awareness about the sport of MMA in the Philippines.


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