Interview with ONF FC Winner Eduard “Landslide” Folayang

Eduard “Landslide” Folayang, an MMA and Wushu Sanshou champion known for his Sanshou throws, vicious ground and pound, and for his never ending cardio. He’s the current URCC welterweight champion and MCFC superfight champion. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk to you, in behalf of; we congratulate you for your impressive performance on your latest triumph and also for getting the Fight of the night bonus!

Eduard:” You’re welcome” For those people who watched you for the first time on One Fighting Championship last September 3rd, can you talk a bit about your martial arts background and your fighting style?

Eduard: “Well, I started as a kickboxer, I did kickboxing before then after that i joined Wushu it became my path until I transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts”. How is your broken nose recovering?

Eduard: “It’s recovering very well , but for now maybe I need to take some rest then after two to three weeks, I’ll be back in the gym to train again”. Tell us about your One FC experience?

Eduard: “One Fighting Championship has done a great job on treating their fighters very well. They are very hospitable, the event’s obviously well prepared and the match ups was really great”! What did you learn about your fight against A Sol Kwon, did you see any holes in your game that you need to improve on?

Eduard: ” Of course, there are things that needs to be improved, in regards to my fight against A Sol Kwon, yes, there’s some part of my game that needs to be improved , no one’s a perfect fighter”. Were you surprised on A Sol Kwon’s performance that night? Because it seems like he was just circling away from you during the 2nd and 3rd rounds which, obviously, was not his game because everybody knows that he’s a brawler. He loves to stand and bang with his opponent but when he fought you it looked like he was different, he wasn’t the same guy who’s willing to trade punches with his foe. What can you say about it?

Eduard: ” Actually I didn’t expect him to be that passive in the late rounds, even if he tried to stand and bang with me that’s fine, because I know I can trade punches with him, I trained a lot of stand ups for that fight that’s why I’m very confident to fight in his own game”. What really hit you that caused you a broken nose and a big mouse (cut) under your left eye, was it from Kwon’s punches or was it from Head butts?

Eduard: “In my own perspective, I really felt that it was from the headbutt because when we are trading punches in the first 3 minutes of the fight, I felt something really hard that hit my nose and under my left eye. Regarding of his punches, there are no significant blows that landed on my nose and on my right eye except for his head”. Ole Laursen made a statement that he wants the One FC lightweight belt and he is willing to fight anyone for it. My question now is what if One FC offers you again, a contract to fight Ole Laursen, would you sign it for the second time around?

Eduard: “As a fighter, I know I have a duty to fight anyone, so If One FC will offer me the contract to fight Ole for the lightweight belt, I will be more willing to accept and to fight anyone just to get the One FC belt. Were you surprised when the crowd chanted your name? Because many Filipinos and foreigners chanted your name that night even the famous Filipino Singer, Christian Bautista was in attendance and cheered for you.

Eduard: “I was really surprised because I didn’t expect the Filipino Community to be that huge and shouted my name I’m very thankful for their support as well as those foreign fans who also cheered on me, it really made me happy because I know many people believed in me and my skills as an MMA fighter”. What makes you busy when you’re not fighting?

Eduard: “When I’m not fighting I just go to the gym and train, reading books and also doing some hiking when I’m away from the ring”. When is your next fight, as your fan, am I going to wait for a while to see you inside the cage again?

Eduard: “Well for now, I need to represent my country in the SEA GAMES first, then I’ll be back fighting in the cage maybe at the end of this year or if not, for sure in the early months of 2012”. many ladies want me to ask this question to you, Are you single or dating someone right now?

Eduard: “I’m in a relationship right now, I do have a girlfriend. But I’m still a single person because I’m not yet married”. (Laughing) Alright Sir, thank you for this opportunity and we do hope for your fast recovery. Any people you would like to thank?

Eduard: “Well, thanks to and to you zike for this interview and of course to God for the victory that He has given me I also want to thank those people who are always there to support me of course to Coach Mark Sangiao and to Team Lakay, Doctor Dave Taclobao, Architect Lehman Cosalan , Doctor Dennis Dominquez who fixed my nose through operation thank you so much and to all my friends who always supports me, even though I can’t mention all your of names, I know God will return the blessings to you sevenfold”.

Photograph by Domingo Photography


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